The Gupta’s are now investigated by the FBI

The Gupta’s are now investigated by the FBI

Everything that is owned by the Guptas, property, banks and everything that links to them are now under the hands of US and UK law enforcement agencies.

A joint investigation into the Guptas and their relatives living in the US is being conducted by the FBI and the US Department of Justice

The investigation was initiated by the allegations made stating that the family used UK banks in Dubai and Hong Kong to launder money looted from South African taxpayers.

Lord Peter Hain an educated South African promted the UK investigation by asking the British finance minister, Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond, to order law enforcement agencies to track down R7-billion thought to have been laundered through UK banks by the Guptas.

He also said that
“People who are part of the investigation in South Africa are involved in state capture.”

Hain further asked that UK law enforcement and regulatory authorities to ask all financial institutions in their jurisdiction to review their exposure to the Guptas, to President Jacob Zuma and his family, and to some of their associates

HSBC and Standard Chartered banks were used by the Guptas to move money from South Africa through Dubai and Hong Kong. Both banks have a attendance in those territories.

An e-mail perceived by The Times illustrates that in May 2014 Ashish Gupta wrote to Accurate Investments demanding that it honour an agreement to pay him $10-million. He orders the company to pay the money into a New York bank account

The Hawks said they would co-operate with their foreign counterparts. The FBI declined to comment.


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