4 online jobs that you could do from your cellphone in South Africa

4 online jobs that you could do from your cellphone in South Africa

Being able to work while you are at home or on the go has become something a lot of people seek especially now that we are living under strict conditions as a result of the pandemic. The idea of not being tied down to a desk in an office has become our new norm.  Other lifestyles don’t allow people to take up traditional jobs. Lately, there is a huge increase in the jobs that can be done online with huge earning potential. Here are 4 of the jobs you can easily do from your cell phone.

  1. Become a youtube vlogger

People love video content and are always on the lookout for fresh new information on different lifestyle subjects. You can use your phone to start a Youtube channel sharing your knowledge and expertise in an area of your choice. Urge people to visit and subscribe to your channel and once you have 1,000 subscribers, you can start making money by placing ads on your videos.

The first thing you need is a good camera phone which you can easily find. You can start by looking through the Ackermans catalogue for one that takes good quality videos. Jet, Pep Cell and Game are also good cell phone retailers with reasonable prices.

You also need a reliable internet service and a video editing app to start. There are people who have managed to make thousands, even millions of dollars using their Youtube channels. The best part is you can make money vlogging from anywhere in the world.

  1. App testing

We use our phones daily to complete tasks or purely for entertainment with the help of apps. You can earn some money testing those same apps for developers. App developers are always looking for app testers to provide feedback on the performance of new or existing apps, and are willing to pay for this.

Userlytics is a company that pays $5-$90 for testing websites and apps. Payment is via PayPal so all you need to do is ensure you have an account before you sign up. Also, you have to be 16 years old plus to open an account with them. 

  1. Sell your photos online

If you love taking photographs of landscapes, wildlife or other objects of interest, you can make money by selling photo licensing rights for them. Businesses need content for their websites and your photos could be one of many they need for marketing purposes.

If you have a phone that takes quality pictures as well as an app for editing, then you are all set.  There are stock image companies such as Shutterstock that can help you sell your photos by becoming a contributor. It’s free to sign up and you get paid every time your photos get downloaded.

  1. Language Tutor

If you are fluent in any of the languages you speak and would like to help others learn, you can become a language tutor. This is a rewarding online job you can easily do from your phone. There are several language apps that look for new talent to help teach new languages to their subscribers.

If you are fluent or a native English, you can sign up with NiceTalk to teach students from all over the world. They pay you $10 an hour and all you need is proof of fluency in English, a reliable internet connection and somewhere quiet to carry out lessons.

There are several other ways to make money using your cellphone. You just need a creative mind to think outside of the box and find a niche that you can easily focus on to start making money.

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