5 richest actors in South Africa. Number 5 will shock you

 5 richest actors in South Africa. Number 5 will shock you

The versatility of taking up villain or even humble roles on various casts will fool you into believing that South African actors don’t take the coin home. Some of the most popular actors in South Africa are worth a lot of million rands. Below is a list of South Africa’s richest actors.

Sello Maake: Image source @Instagram

Sello Maake kaNcube

You can’t think of South African entertainers without including his name, from Generations to Scandal, Sello Maake kaNcube is the King of soapies. In all of the shows and movies, he featured, he did nothing but an excellent job. One of the roles he nailed is Kogsi’s gay role in The Queen. Sello Maake’s Net worth is R87 million.

Jamie Bartlett: Image source @Instagram

Bartlett Jamie

Fans of Soap Operas were first acquainted with Rhythm City on etv thirteen decades ago. Only the most prominent stars adorned our televisions; thus, the program was a hit from the beginning. However, several performers have brilliantly carried various identities to life, which are still well famous. One such personality is David Genaro’s adversary, who Jamie Bartlett, a brilliant actor played. Jami said goodbye to Rhythm city last year as he proceeded on to other projects he created. His Net worth is R 80 million.

Ferguson Connie: Image source @Instagram

Ferguson Connie

Connie has indeed been recognized as a filmmaker, supermodel, philanthropist, and businesswoman in addition to her performing profession. She earned her first most giant cheque of R 2.1 million for a series role in Love By So Many Means in 2003. Connie has made so much of her fortune from the entertainment industry, and she makes money from acting, businesses, and other undisclosed sources. Connie is also a co-founder of Ferguson Films, a television company that has produced several top-notch movies. Her Net worth is R197 million.


Motshegwa Moshidi: Image source @Instagram

Motshegwa Moshidi

Without doubt Moshidi, is one of our most iconic living performers with a career spanning 20 years. She has appeared in a lot of movies and has had her capabilities acknowledged all over the globe. Moshidi voiced Miriam’s personality in the animated tv series Speedy, and which is inspired by the South Africa artist Tim Mostert’s cartoon strip in The Daily Sun. Her Net worth is R60 million.

Pearl Thusi 

Many people are surprised by Mama Pearl, but keep in mind that Pearl isn’t just performing. Pearl is well famous for her various lucrative endeavours, such as modelling, hosting television and radio programs. All of Pearl’s headwear has turned to be exceptionally profitable for the actress. Her Net worth is R50 million.


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