Actress Nomonde Dikana Returns To The River

Actress Nomonde Dikana Returns The River

Nomonde Dikana made her dramatic return to screens to pleasure the viewers who have missed her ill-behaved character. Just as Lindiwe has covered up dealing with her biggest headache causer Emma, returns Nomonde in the middle of the night escorted by blue lights and while viewers were pleased to see her on screens again.

Nomonde received the coldest welcome from her family instead of getting welcome hugs she got questions and even her father was not happy about his eldest daughter’s sudden return.

Viewers are already guessing that Nomonde’s return could mean trouble for happy couple Lindani and Tumi who are also living in the Dikana mansion. Lindani and Nomonde during his break with Tumi had a very hot and heavy throw, could she be back with a bun in the oven.

Also, Lindiwe who has never been a fan of Zweli’s first daughter could just initiate a revenge plan for Nomonde giving her cat food.

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The River Viewers Are Tired Of Emma And Want Her To Go

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