I’ve been asking myself who us Sindi Dlathu’s sister that everyone has been. I have been dying to see her twin ever since I heard that she had a twin sister. Certain lady popular known own by her media page Khethiwe Mthethwa, went and post a picture of herself with Sindi Dlathu and say that she is Sindi twin sister. I’m now wondering who is her real twin sister and whether she is indeed her twin sister because nothing much is known about her twin sister or her family.

Sindi Dlathu is a South African and co-executive producer in the television series The River. She is one of a few mzansi celebrities who are lucky to have bee has a twin sister that looks like her. According to the source, the actress has a twin sister known as Zanele Sangweni. Apparently Dlathu family is a very private person.

I have been searching for her twin sister zanele sangweni ho is said according to the source to have been married to a businessman. Unfortunately, there is no information about her or her husband.

According to the picture we found here it’s clear that they really do look alike. And they are all beautiful. However, even though most identical twins don’t usually end up doing the same career path. It obvious that even the actress Sindi Dlathu with her twins are both not doing the same career choice. We are pleased that she shared this part of her personal life with us.

Sindi won the heart of her fans when she took a role in Muvhango playing the role of Thandaza Mukwevho. Sindi Dlathu is south Africa’s best actress and most people love her even off-screen. The role of Thandaza was her breakthrough in her life. She stayed on Muvhango for more than ten years. Sindi is very private about her life and you will never hear any drama about her.

Unfortunately, there is no further information about Sindi. What we know is that Sindi started acting. What we know is that she might be counted among those who began their acting journey early, having entered a talent competition at age 12. Today she’s justly famous for her contributions to the movie industry in South Africa.

Do you think this is Sindi Dlathu real twin sister? I don’t know am surprised to this lady said she is Sindi’s sister.


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