AKA Laughs Off Claims That Boity Rap Batter Than Him

AKA Laughs Off Claims That Boity Rap Batter Than Him

Boity Might have hit the big time with her rap career but AKA still feels that she has a long way to go until she get to his level of talent. Boity has proved to be a strong competitor in the hip hop game and after making female rap history as the first female rapper to receive a platinum plate, her haters were more than convinced of her skills.

AKA who has more than a time of hits under his name responded to a fan on twitter who praised his skills basically saying that no matter what the rapper does, people will never be completely happy with him so he should do what makes him happy.

AKA can rap his heart out but u will still find someone saying “that’s trash”…. He can sing via autotune they’ll complain. That’s why Idolo only does whatever the fucks makes him happy” the tweep said.

The rapper verified to the fans comment replying with a shaded laugh saying that someone once compared him to Boity, and favored her more than him. This was nearly the cause of the rappers death, supposing that laughter would have been the cause.

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