Are Simz Ngema And Tino Back Together?

Are Simz Ngema And Tino Back Together?

Simz Ngema is determined to live a drama-free life, and we’re here for it. Recently, she announced that she and her baby daddy Tino are no longer together, but the two still form one of the best co-parenting units in Mzansi. Simz has taken to her Instagram account to support Tino’s newest project, prompting many to wonder what the state of their relationship is like.

Tino introduced us to his stage name Tiyani Afrika, a brand they launched for their baby boy Tiyani. Simz shared a flyer of the song with Tino’s picture to show love to his new career move. Fans reacted to her support for her baby daddy in the comment section. Some argue that the two never broke up, others say we should learn to drink water and mind our own business.

“@Lisastuur commented “I never approved that break up…all I said… give it time…supporting any decision you take anyways…just do it Simz…this time stay on…you guys look cute together,”

The two welcomed their baby boy Tiyani Kemorena Michael Chinyani, in 23 June 2020. They used to serve major couple goals on social media leaving fans green with jealousy. Several of their fans took to Twitter to express their sadness at their breakup while others felt that they were taking us for a ride.

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