Ayanda Ncwane Faked Sfiso Ncwane Will

Ayanda Ncwane Faked Sfiso Ncwane Will

Late gospel singer Sfiso Ncwane must be turning in his grave with his name being dragged up in so much drama following years of his passing. A recent report by Sunday Sun confirmed that the star’s widow Ayanda Ncwane had been taken to court by his children born out of marriage in an attempt to get their share of their award-winning father’s estate.

Now, it seems there is more to the story surrounding the award-winning artist’s will. The publication claims that now Ayanda is at the middle of a legal battle surrounding Sfiso’s fraudulent will. Speaking to the SunTeam, Sfiso’s children Sduduzo Dlamini and Snqobile Mzelemu’s legal representation Bongiwe Nene said that a case is being set that could see Ayanda ruled to court for signing her husband’s will.

Bongiwe told the publication that Ayanda, who is the only beneficiary of the will, signed Sfiso’s will and that on its own is suspicious and raises a lot of questions. “It’s also unlikely that Ayanda’s lawyer, Nhlanhla Mnculwane, never saw this. I say this because he’s been dealing with Sfiso’s file for years, so he should have picked up this discrepancy. As a lawyer, he should have satisfied himself that Sfiso’s will met at all requirements. At this point, we’re confident we have a good case,” Bongiwe told the publication.

In a wind of events, Ayanda’s legal representative is unaware of his client signing the will as he never checked if it was on the will. Nhlanhla says that Ayanda had asked for help with the sharing of her late husband’s estate “At that time, the will was already drawn up and I never scrutinized the signatures. I also know Sfiso’s lawyer, Dr Mkhuseli Vimba prepared Sfiso’s will.”

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