Baby Cele ‘Gabisile’ makes a shocking return to Uzalo

Baby Cele ‘Gabisile’ makes a shocking return to Uzalo

Not so long ago Uzalo firebrand Baby Cele who played the might Gabisile bowed out of Uzalo. However, it seems as if she will be making a shocking return this August.

Upon her exit, the star actress did hint that she was returning but will all thought it was a lie. How come did she survive the strangling to make matters worse how did she survive in the river where she was tossed to by his estranged husband.

We can all agree that Uzalo played us. No doubt actress Baby Cele makes her return to Uzalo soon, joining Vuyo Dabula, Zandile Msutwana, and Bongani Masondo in 2021’s comeback craze.

Gabisile first reappears next month and not as a ghost thankfully, but actually alive. And transformed apparently. We can all wait to see as the drama unfolds and is full of thrills. Will this be one of Uzalo’s epic seasons.

When we last saw her she confessed her evil sins to her husband Qhabanga, who strangled her in rage and despair and tossed her in the river, leaving her for dead. But things happened between then and now. Gabisile’s been lost and found in her own version of Amazing Grace while Baby filmed a series on

It was reported that she dumped Uzalo on the eleventh hour to pave way for her current etv’s gig. We can’t tell which one is she starring but all we know is one of the drama series is titled Isiphindiselo and the other is a boxing series – Baby’s been filming on one of these in her Uzalo break

A word from Uzalo’s publicist Nomfundo Zondi is that Gabisile’s return comes with a backstory. What we know is that she floated downstream in the river and was found by children who rescued her. Once she returns we’ll get clarity on what became of her after this.

And who she is now that she’s been saved. Is it possible for someone to truly change? Has she? And if so, does she deserve forgiveness? Catch your first glimpse of her in the latest teasers here: Uzalo Teasers – August 2021


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