Boity Thulo Responds To Pregnancy Rumours

Boity Thulo Responds To Pregnancy Rumours

Boity Thulo has responded to rumours of her being pregnant after fans speculated that she is expecting, misreading her tweet. The star has laid the rumour to rest, saying she is not going to becoming a mother just, but she plans to.

Boity has expressed time and time again how she cannot wait to become a mother in the near future. Every time the pregnancy question would pop up, instead of getting offended like most celebs would, she answers transparently that she wishes to mother a child in the near future. Recently, after mother’s day, she expressed her excitement of being a mother saying she cannot wait for that long lasting experience. “I cannot wait to be a mother!” exclaimed Boity.

When a follower asked if she is pregnant, she gave a funny response saying she is not but instead she is fighting period cramps. “Nope. Matter of fact, I’m doing breathing exercises through my menstrual cramps as we speak,” she answered.

Boity might not be pregnant now, next month or even next year, just give her 5 years at least. She revealed this last year when she revealed what her 5 year plan looks like and she said motherhood is a definite.

“Lately, when I get asked “What’s your 5 year plan?”, my answer is simply MOTHERHOOD. I can’t wait to have children,” she revealed.

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