Bonang Mathebe Is Looking For 25 Families to Donate R1000 Each For Groceries

Bonang Mathebe Is Looking For 25 Families to Donate R2000 Each For Groceries

The media personality Bonang Mathebe is heartbroken with the helpless situation of things, especially after the lockdown extension was announced. The media personality is willing to help 25 families in need in the middle of the coronavirus outbreak.

Talking to social media, Bonang originally announce that she was taking R50 000 and splitting it into R2000 to donate for 25 families in need “#BForce…please help me identify 25 families in need… I want to send them some grocery vouchers. We’ll donate R2000 to each family. Please. I’m so sad…” Queen B tweeted. The star shared details on how to be contacted as regards the 25 families.

The lockdown has forced many people to stay indoors and some cannot even work, resulting in more burdens and hunger, But Queen B, is ready to restore some dignity and put a smile in the face of needy South African families. A fan suggested that Bonang gives R1000 each to a family, and that would result in her helping 50 families, Bonang agreed “it’s a brilliant idea!”

Tweeps reacted to her tweet and saluted her for offering a helping hand during this tough period.


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