Breaking News! Scandal’s Romeo Medupe Killed By Mamba

Breaking News! Scandal’s Romeo Medupe Killed By Mamba

By now everyone knows that Hungani Ndlovu who resigned from Scandal wants nothing to do with the show because of the lack of appreciation he was shown by the staff behind, behind-the-scenes. The actor knew his worth. He also knew that fans watched the show for him, that he was in fact Scandal.

The leaving of his wife who played Ingrid on the show also played a part in his resignation. Another major part was his off-screen fights with former Scandal actress; Masasa Mbangeni who played the role of Thembeka Shezi.

According to sources, Masasa was treated like royalty on the show while Hungani was treated like a second class citizen even though Mbangeni came to try her role farewell after playing Thembeka for more than half a decade.

Romeo’s wife; Xolile is distressed and has asked her mother Boniswa to do some digging into her husband’s disappearance. Boniswa who is now pretending to be Mamba’s maid got word from Mamba’s previous maid that Romeo entered the house but never left.

Mamba and Simo killed Romeo and dumped his body in the dam. When Romeo left the show he was stubborn that he doesn’t plan to return and he’d rather join another show than continue being treated unfairly. His off-screen wife felt the same way about the show and resigned because she couldn’t stomach how her talented husband was treated.

The producers of the show pleaded with him to stay and tried to booth his departure by offering a higher salary and even denying his resignation rumors in August this year, but it was too late.

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