Businessman Destroy R1, 1 Million Mission He Builds For Her Girlfriend After She Dumped Him

Businessman Destroy R1, 1 Million Mission He Builds For Her Girlfriend After She Dumped Him

Relationships still continue to make others live in horror, as people experienced one of the most painful stories, of a couple that separated in a nasty way. It is quite good to enjoy a relationship when it is new, but when time progresses, things can get out of hand and this is what has been seen with this couple.

There are many reasons why people find it hard to accept and move on after a break up with their partners. Some are entitled to money, whereas others love committedly. Many factors contribute to relationships ending up in a very threatening way.

People should know that there is more in life, other than relationships. No one should be entitled to relationships, and let their lives revolve around their relationships. A scene that has been experienced in South Africa, left many people hurt and wondering how someone could pull such a stunt out of nowhere.

It is alleged that a businessman who built her girlfriend a mansion, did not hesitate to hire a TLB and excavator to demolish the house he built for his girlfriend. The motive behind this, is relationship breakup. This man did not take well this breakup and failed to accept it.

Surely this is a way to console himself, as he did not want his girlfriend to be delighted in her life, without him. These things happen and people are aware of them.  Social media was quick to find the pictures of these couples. They were posted on social media and started trending. A lot of money has been lost, as this mansion was demolished.

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