Check Out South African Celebrities Who Are Unhappily Married

Check Out South African Celebrities Who Are Unhappily Married

Not everyone is happy with their marriage. It’s just a plastic smile, but things are falling apart. These SA celebrities are a living proof of what we are talking about. For now, we’ve actually found some couples who can do everything well on their own, but then choose to label them as married and divorce because they are celebrities.

Lerato Kganyago and Thami

Lerato and Tami

This marriage ended even before it began. Lerato was under a lot of pressure because Somizi was saying what he was doing and Dineo Larnaca was stable. Two months after Tami paid Robora, the DJ couldn’t even get to know her scandalous husband.


You know that Tami was once again fooled by being a wealthy businessman, so she just had to secure her bag. No matter what happens, you will never find her talking about mentioning him on social media.

DJ Fresh and Thabiso


If the event was a person, it would definitely be DJ Fresh’s wife. The woman has experienced a lot in the process of this marriage, but she is still holding up.

King Monanda and his wife

Many scandals rocked this family, and now it said both wives are no longer happy with their marriage. At the end of last year, it was revealed that King Monada was abusing his first wife. The musician also asked his wife to choose between him and school.

Last year again, the second was sent packing by a musician. According to Sunday World, King Monada barred Leon from his house. Apparently, King Monada’s second wife was always stubborn with him because he always inclined to come home late, but now she is back again.

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