Check Out Uzalo MaMlambo Expensive Life Style

Check Out Uzalo MaMlambo Expensive Life Style

Uzalo actress Gugu Gumede is definitely a sneakers and tennis shoes kind of girl. The actress who plays MaMlambo is always showing off her shoe game on social media. Every outfit she wears is paired by lovely sneakers to go with it, especially Jordans.

Mam Mlambo

She once described herself on social media as a dress and sneakers kind of girl. Recently her fans took notice of the sneakers she wore on her latest photo and couldn’t resist gushing about her excellent shoe game. She doesn’t play when it comes to her footwear and from the looks of it, she goes all out for a pair.


Gugu Gumede is definitely living the life, thanks to a couple of good financial investments, she now owns her own house and recently bought herself a car, in the same week.

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