Connie Ferguson Reveals That She Is Battling With Chronic Depression

Connie Ferguson Reveals That She Is Battling With Chronic Depression

Businesswoman, actress, wife, and mother Connie Ferguson is one classy and smart woman who many South African women look up to. She’s surely an inspiration to many women in Mzansi. Her current televised role as Harriet Khoza on The Queen and her overall success gives many the impression that she doesn’t have any personal problems.

From far Connie’s life looks so perfect, no worries and no pain but she has decided to let us in her life and opened up about her struggles The 49-Year-old revealed that she suffers from chronic depression but in recent times has found the light at the end of the tunnel by leaving the antidepressants and adopting healthy ways to overcome the dark times.

“I usually get depressed during the winter, but this the first time in two years that I haven’t been on antidepressants and it’s mainly due to exercise,” she said. She has also revealed that working with her husband Shona Ferguson has its bonuses, the pressure of working with him can be devastating.

Like many other women, she relates to normal women as she also has been dealing with many other insecurities with her body but has seemingly turned it into a positive by regularly posting her strong workout sessions on her Instagram.

Connie Ferguson has become a domestic name and a true inspiration to many by showing us that no matter what a queen always fixes her crown and keeps it moving. We can’t help but amaze.



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