Connie Ferguson Reveals What You Need To Do To Score Role On The Queen

Connie Ferguson Reveals What You Need To Do To Score Role On The Queen

It is no secret that getting into the acting business can sometimes be a hustle to a lot of people because, it includes a lot of basics before one can be a professional actor. This includes getting a representation that can help you land your big break.

We can also not deny the fact that some actors generally get roles without casting agencies but, you need to know your story very well and prepare carefully for any audition you may attend. Also, many actors including top ones, do have a casting agency that assists them in getting their next roles.

Some of the country’s most famous TV shows, also do have open auditions that are being advertised but, research the TV show and auditioning process first, to avoid fake auditions scams.

Many people who work in the entertainment industry would confirm to the fact that they have always been asked the question “how does one become an actor?” Well, Celebs spoke to Connie Ferguson, who is one of the countries most wanted-after Television actresses and producers to hut more light on how casting works in their productions.

The media power is the brain behind some of the country’s most valued productions including The Queen, The Throne, Igazi, and Rockville. Connie and her husband Shona Ferguson have established many up-and-coming actors and turned them into household names with a mass of fans.

Celebs caught up with Connie, who shared a bit of knowledge on how you can work your way into potentially working as an actor at Ferguson Films. The actress who plays Harriet Khoza on The Queen said totaled that one needs to get an agent that will assist them in getting an audition or a role because sometimes they get an inflow of C.V’s but it often difficult to contact and negotiate with actors.

“People need to pester their agents because the bottom line is that we send out briefs to agents, we don’t have one on one contact with actors.

“We do get a lot of actors sending through their C.V’s and their profiles but it’s difficult to try and contact and negotiate with an actor, directly and an actor that you’ve never worked with before so it’s easier to just go via agents.

“So again, we send out briefs and what we get from agents is what we work with. Actors really need to work closely with their agents and ask them, ‘What’s happening? I need work, What’s happening with Ferguson Films? Are there any briefs coming in? So actors really need to be more pro-active when it comes to working with their agents.” Said Connie.

There you have it guys, to all hopeful actors and actresses who want to venture into acting get yourself an acting agency to help turn your dream into reality. The advantages of having an acting agent are that they prepare you for the role, they negotiate for your pay, and they have connections in the industry. Also before you contact them it is important to have experience in acting or train yourself.

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