Connie Ferguson Triggered By Prophecy That She Is Developing Cancer (video)

Connie Ferguson Triggered By Prophecy That She Is Developing Cancer (video)

Connie Ferguson Triggered By Prophecy That She Is Developing Cancer (video)

A video of a prophecy warning Connie Ferguson about her health has gone viral. Aaron Xhali is a leader of I AM Ministries in Rustenburg in the North West. Three days ago, a video of his prophecy about Connie Ferguson started making rounds, and not for good reasons.

In the controversial video, the prophet warns that Connie is slowly developing cancer in her body. The prophet says the message is from God. The video was taken back in July of 2021.
The prophet claims to have given Mrs Ferguson a warning ten months before that about losing a loved one.

This video has caused havoc amongst her fans, family, and Connie herself.

“So triggered”, Connie Ferguson responded to the message on that video.

The video also triggered a response from Connie’s oldest daughter Lesedi Matsunyane Ferguson.
Lesedi felt that if this was a message from above, then the prophet should have gone out of his way to share it privately with the family. Sedi called the video clickbait so the prophet could gain many viewers.
She also had this to say.

“Salacious at best. I don’t care that we’re public figures, have some basic decency & decorum. We have a lot to move forward from, as is.”

It is not hard to see why Connie and her family are triggered by this message. Connie Ferguson is still recovering from the loss of her husband Shona Ferguson, which the prophet also claims to have warned Connie about, as stated earlier in this article.

Fans have also been angered by this message, calling it insensitive, and some feel that this matter is legal.
The prophet has been called out for chasing clout by using the Ferguson name.

A few weeks ago, we shared a video of Connie Ferguson working out and taking care of her health, and she even started a hashtag #iconniecfit and #mindbodyspirithealth. So we know she takes good care of her health.

She even shared her inspiration for taking care of herself and showed a video of her father, elder but very much health conscious.

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