Did you know this is how much Sindi Dlathu “Lindiwe” earns on The River?

Did you know this is how much Sindi Dlathu “Lindiwe” earns on The River?

Sindi Dlathu is a celebrated South African actress who plays Lindiwe on Mzansi Magic hit soapie The River. The multi-award-winning star actress is well known for her Muvhango role as Thandaza Mokoena. The veteran actress has brought about a new face to The River with her stellar performances.

1 Magic debuted yet another telenovela in January of 2018 with The River coming into play. The actors and actresses have managed to wow their viewers so far. As the saga unfolds, the suspense, thrill, and excitement of guessing what happens next will have you glued to your screen and unflinching.

Did you know this is how much Sindi Dlathu "Lindiwe" earns on The River?

The leading role of the merciless business lady goes to Sindi Dlathu who rounds up as Lindiwe. Sindi had to leave SABC2’s Venda-soapie Muvhango to clinch the new top billing role of Lindiwe.

She is a rather ruthless matriarch of her mining family. She is the one that must do everything to keep things in order. This one is a stunning role-reversal character that portrays Sindi as a different person from whom millions of South African viewers knew when she was cast as the Thandaza Mokoena character in Muvhango.

In fact, it is sometimes a shocker as they get to watch their sweet actress turn into a cunning, cruel, and vicious character. In a way, it is a“love and hate her” affair as they continue discovering the new evil of her persona on-screen. Well, this is what brilliant actors are like. They fit into anything, any time. Lindiwe takes home between R85,000 and R95,000 per month.

The 46-years-old Soweto-born star actress has also featured in a number of International award-winning drama series such as Sarafina. The seasoned actress has also starred alongside Africa’s finest the likes of  Mary Twala, Abigail Kubeka and Nomhle Nkonyeni.
Did you know this is how much Sindi Dlathu "Lindiwe" earns on The River?
 However, it was recently reported that Actress Sindi Dlathu ‘Lindiwe Dikana’ was replaced on The River. Her unmatched acting skills have made her one of the most celebrated star actresses not only in Mzansi but the world at large.

She has been in the game for years and she knows well how to wow Mzansi but it seems as if her heroics at Ther River have come to an end. No doubt Sindi Dlathu who plays the thuggish Lindiwe Dikana is bidding farewell to the drama series anytime soon.

Did you know this is how much Sindi Dlathu "Lindiwe" earns on The River?

Well to many this is not one of the shockers as it was bound to happen one way or the other. However late last year the seasoned star actress was offered a big-money move by the showrunners to be part of the production team of the drama series.

No doubt fortune favours the bold and Sindi Dlathu big win can attest to that. Little is known if she is just taking a break from acting and switching the floor to directing or what but the current storyline has it that she will be off the hook

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