DJ Maphorisa Exposes Kwesta

DJ Maphorisa Exposes Kwesta

Following yesterday’s muddled Instagram Live session between Makwa and Nota, many secrets were revealed. Now, DJ Maphorisa has entered the chat and is telling his side of the story. It all started when Makwa went on Instagram Live and demanded money from every artist that owes him money. He mentioned all the artists he has worked with in the past, that have not paid him a cent and these include DJ Maphorisa, MFR Souls, Ms Cosmo and Kwesta, amongst many others.

Nota joined the music producer on his Live and assured him that he will get what is due to him. Unfortunately things got a bit messy when Nota went over to Makwa’s home. They both took to Twitter to trash talk each other. Nota wrote, “I went to Makwa’s last night. I’m so upset at how he’s abused my kindness, I wash my hands. A grown man with 2 children who won’t take accountability and address those who have taken advantage of him? I have done nothing but fight for him to get what’s his. He’s now on his own…”

Nota appreciated Maphorisa for helping others out in the game, but found it heartbreaking that people turned on each other. “Ngud’ changed my life @DjMaphorisa… Changed my whole family’s lives. Song went more than 50 times Platinum. I will always appreciate and pay homage. These guys poisoned Makwa against us, they told him that you’re trying to steal his shine after I brought him to learn from you!”

“I owe you for life for that one. I don’t know what happened to those guys after the fame and some money nyana but they blew it and now they want to make me look like a bad guy. My mother says we must just leave them, I blocked the both. God will punish them. Be still, he is God!”

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