DJ Tira’s Wife Causes Drama At Nelli Tembe’s Funeral

DJ Tira’s Wife Causes Drama At Nelli Tembe’s Funeral

It seems DJ Tira’s wife Gugu Khathi have been trending for the wrong reasons lately, her name seems to always be on the news. She recently took it to her social media and posted a picture of herself and her husband as they were attending Nelli Tembe’s funeral. By looking at Gugu’s outfit she was wearing at Nelli’s funeral Mzansi were not pleased with her outfit at all, as they say she loves to cause drama everywhere she goes.

Considering that she’s black Gugu should have never worn pants to Nelli’s funeral as it to people it looked like she broke the tradition and caused unnecessary drama, not even whites wear pants at funerals so people do not understand why Gugu would disrespect Nelli’s funeral like that.

People felt that it us improper for a lady to wear pants at funeral and that air been the tradition for many years, however some came into Gugu’s defense as they said that times have changed and things are no longer what they were back then.

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