Don’t be used in a relationship: Do these 5 things

Don’t be used in a relationship: Do these 5 things

Be tolerant

Being in a relationship demands that each one of you be tolerant to one another. You cannot expect your lover to behave perfectly or the way you want all the time.

Communicate about everything all the time

Communication is the most important thing in a relationship, even more, important than gifts. Communication allows your lover to be able to understand how you are feeling. Communication helps you to offload what may be troubling you in your heart and mind. It also allows lovers to avoid secretly hating each other.

Stand firm on your good values

Do not allow your lover to change your good values for the sake of accommodating them. If you change your values, your lover will take you for granted as you are someone who is weak. Note that i have referred them as good values. You should also give up bad values in your life if you want to attract people who love you. Do not be driven to think you have to compromise to accommodate the bad ways of your lover.

Do not allow yourself to be used

Ladies, you don’t have an excuse to say you were used by a man. Do not allow yourself to be used. Get into a relationship as an equal party and do not enter a relationship for financial gain. If you cannot contribute anything to the growth o the relationship, do not enter it in the first place. Once you get into a transnational relationship, expect to be used if you are not contributing anything. Be resourceful

Ask the important questions

Do not be afraid to ask where the relationship is going due to the fear of being dumped. People who use others in relationships ride on partners who do not as important questions and those who assume that the relationship is going to have a good ending. If your lover is not serious, or if they have bad intentions, it is better to know about that earlier than to wait and get used.

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