Fans Are Confused About Last Night Episode Of Uzalo

Fans Are Confused About Last Night Episode Of Uzalo

Uzalo is a South African soapie that airs on weekdays on SABC1 at 20:30. When the soapie started airing on SABC1 it had a lot of viewers, it was loved by many. But over the years a lot of people stopped watching the soapie because they say that the storyline is not reasonable.


The soapie mostly spins around crime and church. Nkuzi is the Mastermind of all the crimes that are happening in Kwa-Mashu. There’s always someone/people who are trying to bring down, in the end they fail because Nkuzi always takes them out. Currently there is Amos and his brother Last Number and they are trying to bring Nkuzi down.


Firstly they took his businesses and Nkuzi sent his step daughter Nosipho to ask for job her job back at Kwa-Njomane(currently changed to Amos’s Lifestyle Lounge) so that she can spy on them. Nosipho did as she was told she got her job back and she also spied on them. She tried to kill Amos but she failed. When she failed to kill him, Amos and his brother kidnapped her.


Her mother went to look for her at Amos’s Lifestyle Lounge but Amos claimed he doesn’t know where Nosipho is. Police also searched Amos’s premises and they could not find her. One day Njeza went to Amos’s office and entered the office he found Amos, Last Number, Nosipho and a photographer who was taking them pictures so that they can get fake passports because they were going to take Nosipho to Mozambique.

When Njeza saw Nosipho he informed Nosipho’s family about the whereabouts of their daughter and he also told them what her kidnappers were planning to do with their daughter. Yesterday Amos and Last Number were transporting Nosipho to Mozambique, they also took Njeza along with them because they were going to kill him there. But on their way there they were stopped by Nkuzi, MaNgcobo,Sibonelo, Sbu and Zekhethelo. There was a shootout and Nosipho was shot about 4/5 times at the back.

Yesterday episode is what made fans angry. When the shootout was happening in the streets it was night time. At the same time they were people who were at church and it was daytime. Fans were also not happy with Nosipho being shot several times and ending up not being hospitalised. Nosipho went home like nothing happened to her.

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