Fans Demand Jub Jub Be Cancelled For Killing Innocent Lives

Fans Demand Jub Jub Be Cancelled For Killing Innocent Lives

Moja love viewers have turned against Jub Jub and they’re vomiting their hatred on the presenter who was previously jailed for killing four teenagers.  The star was involved in a horrific accident in March 2010 which saw him being charged culpable homicide in 2014 for killing four schoolchildren during a drag racing accident.

He was originally found guilty of murder, attempted murder, driving under the influence of drugs, and racing on a public road by the Protea Magistrates’ Court in Soweto, in 2012. The singer has since been out of jail and was able to bag two tv-shows with Moja Love.

At first, he presented the scandalous Uyajola 9/9 show which often left tongues wiggling for its violent nature. Now, the rapper is currently hosting a show called You Promised To Marry Me, which is keeping a lot of viewers glued to their screen. However, Sunday morning we saw the show presenter trending and a lot of Tweeps were demanding for him to be canceled as he “wasn’t showing remorse and doesn’t deserve to be in the public eye”.

The comments didn’t go unnoticed by those who believe that he has learned from his mistake and is now a changed person. It became a very huge debate with some calling for his cancellation while others said they believed in giving people second chances.

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