First Satanic church Opens In South Africa

First Satanic church Opens In South Africa

South Africa has its first satanic church. For years, Satanists did not have a place of worship, now, since the opening of The South African Satanic Church in Century City they have. The church opened its doors in February after a four year long idea was brought to life by the co-initiators.

Thomas Matthew Miles-Nell, a member of the church, said as a Satanist he found it uplifting that there was now an organisation that is representative of what true religious Satanism was.  Jaco Venter, another member, said: “I am really proud of my country that my religion is being acknowledged and empowered.”

The church is a registered non-profit company under the category of a religious organisation. Co-founders Adri Norton and Riaan Swiegelaar said they would like to dismiss some of the misunderstandings people may have about Satanism. “We are not a get-rich organisation but rather a religious organisation,” said Norton.

Swiegelaar said they did not sacrifice humans or animals, there were no initiation ceremonies, they did not worship a devil or even acknowledge a devil, and Satan is a model. “Our organisation does not even allow anyone under the age of 18 to partake in any gatherings, ceremonies or rituals. We do not yet have the rights, but are negotiating to translate the Satanic Bible into Afrikaans. We will then be the first organisation to do so.”

The first satanic bible was published in 1969 and is available online and at some book stores. The opening of the church has pressed many comments on social media.

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