Former Muvhango Actor Lesley Musina Has Run Away With Fan R50 000

Former Muvhango Actor Lesley Musina Has Run Away With Fan R50 000

Lesley Musina is being accused of rip off small entrepreneurs out of R50 000.The Black Bantu Movement, a Parow-based property cooperative, says they approached the Limpopo born star to create publicity for their cooperation in May last year to attract funders and partners.

The actor Lesley Musina is in a R50 000 debt after failing to fulfill his contract with the Black Bantu Movement. The Black Bantu Movement then signed a contract with the star so that he could attract public attention and create interest for their corporation.

He was tasked with attracting Donors and partners for the organisation and paid R50 000 upfront but the actor has done nothing and refuses to pay back the money he was paid. The founder of the corporation Nyembe Ntandane said they had chosen him because they needed a famous person to be the face of the Movement so that people will realize that it is not a scam.

The deal was that after being paid R50 000 upfront as a deposit he will get paid another R50 000 after he recruited enough members to make R1 million in a month, Musina however did not recruit any member and never posted anything on his social media platforms, making people aware of the corporation or advertising it.

Lesley said they had sent him what they wanted him to post but the pictures were in bad quality and he didn’t want to disarrange his brand with nothing that is not good quality, “I reached out to them since they were not happy and offered to pay back their money because i am a man of my word”, he said.

The actor has Promised to pay back the Corporations money in three installment monthly in December, but since then the Founder Nyembe says that they have not received a single sent from him, this led to them making a decision to expose him and hopes that his pride will push him to pay back the money.

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