Former Uzalo Actor GC Shares How He Recover From Covid-19

Former Uzalo Actor GC Shares How He Recover From Covid-19

Radio personality and actor Khaya Dladla was one of the South African celebrities that were infected by Covid-19. To show that there’s definitely light at the end of the Covid-19 tunnel, Khaya has fully recovered after being on self- isolation for 14 days.

The radio personality took to social media to break the news of his full recovery and explained on the power of the mind. Khaya says whatever your mind tells you will marked physically, whether negative or positive, so it’s important that you speak life to your mind at all times.

“I’m living proof of beating Covid-19. 14 days of isolation have been a journey of introspection, new habits and a return of some old ones. This journey has been an emotional and very psychological Battle. The day people understand the power of the mind, the better. As soon as your mind tells your lungs you can’t breathe YOU WILL NOT BREATHE, as soon as your mind tells your body you are dying YOU WILL DIE.” He shared.

Khaya ended his post with a positive message that encourages everyone to take care of themselves and speak life into their lives always.

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