Former Uzalo Actress Nokuthula Mabika Has Messed With The Wrong Family

Former Uzalo Actress Nokuthula Mabika Has Messed With The Wrong Family

Actress Nokuthula Mabika popularly known as Fikile from Uzalo is warned that she is not off the hook yet after colliding down a now 18-year-old Sanele Maphala.  The actress has left a permanently paralyzed and mentally disturbed Sanele and his family with a stark burden of having to take care of the young man who is fully helpless on them after the accident caused by her.

Its months after the incident took place and no word from the actress who went MIA days after leaving Sanele at the hospital with only R150. Sibongile, the mother is sure that karma is at work as the actress has not appeared on our television screens ever since. The family is slack on a single thread of hope that justice might overcome, yet since no arrests have been made the Maphalala’s are not sure if the case is still ongoing.

The actress has not totally disappeared from the face of the earth, she has partnered with the KZN Creative Industry Forum and Action Development Agency to donate food to the needy during lockdown. Showing no regret at all, Nokuthula did not even donate a food parcel to the family as nobody is employed and they survive off of neighbors and child support grants.

“Nokuthula isn’t thinking of us when she’s donating food to the poor. We’re victims of her reckless action. If she sympathizes with us, she should have donated food to Sanele at least” said the Mother.

After being let down by the justice system, Sibongile took to the media hoping that the case will get the attention it deserves. Talking to Sunday Sun she said “This is not over. Nokuthula can think she has won, but I can tell you she’ll suffer. I always pray that God and my ancestors avenge my son”.

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