Found Out Who Made Melita Collapse In Skeem saam

Found Out Who Made Melita Collapse In Skeem saam

Melita monama Never believe that alfios is the one who won tender at turf university, she believed that alfios is working for someone but nobody believed her, wallet warned alfios but alfios never listen, because he didn’t want people to know who he work for , Melita was always stocking him but her car really disappointed her, she told sister ouma that she will never give up until she finds the truth.

Melita finally discovering that the Alfred Magongwe was the one who is working with Alfios,and Melita thought that Alfred Magongwe was out into the tender, that is the reason why she was shocked and ended up collapsing, she does not what to do because she has no proof if she goes to turf and tell them. Alfred Magongwe didn’t feel well when Charles tells Nimrod to find the person who alfios work for, Alfred does not want leave opportunity passing because he wants to build Magongwe empire with Celia, that’s the reason why most of people hates him.

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