Generations: Oby and Kumkani ready to strike. Find out whose sister Oby actually is

Generations: Oby and Kumkani ready to strike. Find out whose sister Oby actually is

Generations is about to pull out all the stops with some intriguing action on the cards.

Locals recently took note of a new lady in town and it wasn’t long for them to realise that she is nothing but trouble. Meet Oby Phakade, played by the equally formidable Khabonina Qubeka.

And while neither the actress nor the production team are willing to give away too much, Khabonina has one simple warning: “Oby is very dirty. She is morally repulsive.”

Having recently made her dramatic appearance, a few individuals are less than thrilled that Oby is in town. The usually unshakeable politician Walter Nkaba (Nimrod Nkosi) for one battles to stand his ground.

Nkaba is one of the politicians that Oby helped gain power many years ago, reveals Khabonina. What exactly Oby hopes to squeeze out of Walter is a secret, but if Oby’s character description is anything to go by, it’ll bring Nkaba to his knees.

“She thrives on power and control and she’s definitely someone to be feared. One could even go as far as saying that she’s a sociopath who hides it well.”

But Nkaba won’t be Oby’s only target during her three months onscreen.

One who’ll soon break out in a nervous sweat is Ayanda (Samela Tyelbooi), the ex-wife of abusive Nigerian pastor Jonathan Okiri (Sonnie Chidiebere) who died last year. Oby is Jonathan’s sister.

He was the most important person in her life, so she was shattered when he passed away. That grief has morphed into a raging need for revenge, and we’re almost certain that Ayanda will be the one to feel it the most.

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