Generations – Oby strikes as she pushes for Ayanda’s liver only to find Tshidi waiting

Generations – Oby strikes as she pushes for Ayanda’s liver only to find Tshidi waiting


The words liver and Oby have been synonymous with fans of Generations: The Legacy.

Oby has kept viewers on the edge of their seats with her mysterious deeds.

She brews a special kind of tea that makes her victims forget about who they are and she then manipulates them.

First it was Ayanda and then Siya and now she has her sights on Fikile – who accidentally drank Ayanda’s tea.

Oby has made it clear that she wants Ayanda’s liver. Ayanda, afterall, had a thing with her brother Jonathan Okiri.

Her aim is to get Ayanda in hospital so that she can get a slice of Ayanda’s liver. But Ayanda is also investigating her. This is a catch 22 situation.

Oby has made Generations such a hit in recent weeks.

The character is played by Khabonina Qubeka who has remained tight-lipped on the true reasons for Oby’s arrival. But we have already seen how devious she is with a few unforgettable moments that will leave fans gasping.

Tshidi has tried to find out what Oby really wants and she is now of the notion that a spell was put on her ex Gaddafi.

Ayanda has also been trying to crack the puzzle and she recently stole a sample of Oby’s tea that she gave to detective Malinga for a toxicology test. It is highly unlikely that they will find anything.

Khabonina isn’t letting anything slip but says the next few weeks will be nail-biting. But she is for one big fight with Tshidi.

Generations definitely have viewers where they want.


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