Generations: Sphe witnesses a murder and Lerumo unleashes hell on Luyolo

Generations: Sphe witnesses a murder and Lerumo unleashes hell on Luyolo

Generations: Sphe witnesses a murder and Lerumo unleashes hell on Luyolo

Generations The Legacy has released this week’s highlights, and it will be deadly.
Without wasting any time, let’s get into it.

Sphe witnesses a man being gunned down. In the video Sphe is just getting into her car to drive off when a man who is walking past is suddenly shot to death. The man falls on Sphe’s bonnet, and it doesn’t look like she can see who took him out.

Since she survived the serial killer, Dr Cele has been going through a complicated process. Her recovery is an uphill battle. She sees him everywhere she goes. This murder she witnessed might be enough to tip her over.

This shooting is a new and terrifying development because, first of all, who killed this man and why? Also, does this have anything to do with Sphe and if not, then who is it in connection with?

A Must Watch Sphe witnesses a murder, and Lerumo unleashes hell on Luyolo

Luyolo opened a can of worms when he helped Lerumo because now he is being dragged into the darkest space of lies and threats.

Lerumo learnt about the malpractice that Luyolo is facing at the hospital and started to take an interest.
Luyolo has learned the hard way that Lerumo’s interest is not a good thing or out of concern.

Dr Dzedze is treating Lerumo after he got shot at Lucy’s shebeen last week. Ever since his admission, it’s been clear that he has something up his sleeve.

In the newly released highlights, Lerumo tells Luyolo that he is happy that the patient who is suing him for Malpractice cannot destroy his career anymore. Afterwards, Dali tells him that the same patient is dead, and then Lerumo threatens to harm Luyolo and everyone around him if he doesn’t keep his mouth shut.

There are a few questions about that to be considered.
1. Did Ok Lerumo murder Moodely
2. Is Moodely the man Sphe witnesses getting shot and
3.The last question is,why is Lerumo doing this, if this is the case.
We are just going to have to wait and see.

Mbali is continuing to sink deeper into the culty ways of the Holy House. She has now been baptised and in full church regalia. Mbali looks possessed as the congregation performs the song. Let it Shine, led by the prophet.

Meanwhile, Mpho continues with his investigation of the church.
Mpho is seen going through drawers looking for evidence in one of the offices at the church.
He discovers a box full of money and a drawing that looks like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, but he gets caught.

Philani’s plans are not yielding fruits as he thought they would, and he is now cracking from pressure.
Meanwhile, Oby gets ideas from what Thembeka says.

Tracy makes a big mistake when she advises a caller that turns out to be her colleague.

It’s a week of drama, and Generations The Legacy has plenty of it.
Catch more updates as the week develops.


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