Generations The Legacy Pays Tribute To Gaddafi’s Character

Generations The Legacy Pays Tribute To Gaddafi’s Character

Gaddafi exited the soapie in a very legendary way which happened to be emotional at the same time. The song at the end was not the normal one but a song specifically written to pay tributes to the legendary Kumkani Phakade

Gaddafi plainly begged Tshidi to escape and leave the country with him, he clearly renewed his feelings for her. He wanted her to live with him on the run but she chose her husband Kabisi and said he obviously does not love her husband as Kumkani but love alone is not enough

He did say he will not stop until he takes his long time enemy Jack Mabaso down even if it is the last thing he does. He pretended to be desperate and that he has no one else to turn to while it was a trap. Jack is now arrested for the being caught red handed with control of illegal drugs and for trying to help a criminal run

The mighty Gaddafi’s exit was legendary as David Genaro from Rhythm city. He will definitely be remembered because of his amazing working skills and especially when he says “sweetheart”


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