Get Know Scandal Actor Nhlamulo In Real Life

Get Know Scandal Actor Nhlamulo In Real Life

Known as Nhlamulo or the Kasi Shakespeare from eTv’s Scandal. Matthews Rantsoma was born and raised in Tembisa. He is currently 26 years. He speaks 4 languages, Setswana, Sotho, Pedi and Zulu. Matthews is known for his major role on scandal as Nhlamulo a kasi forex trader who is kind and caring, he goes by the nickname kasi Shakespeare on the show. However, Matthews came a long way to be where he is now.

Matthews is mostly known for his theatre acting and production. He has made theatrical plays from Ngale Kwendu(2018) to Center of the less good idea season 7(2020). Rantsoma has performed and produced theatrical plays since he was in high school. He started theatrical acting in Grade 10 but only started going big later on in his life. Matthews is a very passionate actor, very creative and was the Naledi Award Winner of 2019.

Rantsoma has also appeared on Mzansi Magic’s Gomora and Tvc KFC(2019). In a discussion with IOL Matthews talks about his role on Scandal and the idea around the forex trading industry.

Matthews also discussed the role of Nhlamulo and the type of person he is, he said that Nhlamulo was a kind and caring Kasi forex trader who knows Kasi like the Palm of his hand. To top that, Matthews shack some light on how he prepared for his role. It took him a lot of research on the Kasi language and its origins to fully blend into the role.

However, he was able to get help from his theatre team, directors, teachers and writer and as able to get a good grip of it. He got help from the likes of Jefferson Tshabalala and Themba Mkhoma His fluency as a result of the research earned him a lot of acknowledgements and love across social media.

In an interview with Kabelo Sir Gift from SirGift Media Productions, he expressed his views of success and how Chris Hanni changed his view of success from a “selfish” definition to a more “inclusive” definition. In his own words he said: “success is when everyone else around is successful”.

The rising star performed a play called Hanni the Legacy of which he had to research quite a lot about Chris Hanni for the play. He worked closely with Leila Henriques on so many projects and has also worked with Linda Tshabalala and Jefferson Tshabalala.

Matthews has a few boundaries to his acting ethics. He expressed in an interview with SirGift that he can never play the role of a homosexual but he made it clear that it is not because of homophobia or hostility. It was purely because of the emotional complexities associated with it :

‘’Because of the emotional baggage that it comes with,.. I would never be able to play homosexual…. and purely because of the emotional baggage it comes with. Because you must understand, every character comes with its own thought processes and I’m very technical about that, I want to understand what the character is thinking. So I’m afraid that once I’m in I might not get out…” –Matthews Rantsoma in an interview with SirGift

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