Get to know Emtee’s wife and children

 Get to know Emtee’s wife and children

He has been dupped as the godfather of South African Hip Hop of late thanks to his rap game that has thrust him among some of Mzansi’s finest.

Mthembeni Ndevu, better known as Emtee, is an award-winning rapper and record producer. His shot to fame came in the backdrop of his smash hit Roll Up in 2015. Since then, he has been winning big.

However, in the wake of his newfound fame, Mzansi has been trying to connect the dots about his family. After all, he is a family man with a soft spot for his family- especially his kids and wife.

Let’s get to know Emtee’s wife and children

However, little is known about their marriage, but he is married to Nicole Kendall Chinsamy.

She is a degree, hun. Chinsamy holds a degree in fashion from the Sew Africa Fashion Academy. Reports have it that she graduated in 2019. Of interest is the fact that she is a celebrated fashion designer.

Of interest is that the two got hooked up through a mutual friend in 2012, and Nicole was still in high school by then.

Emtee with his wife, Nicole Kendall - Source: Instagram

Like any other marriages, it hasn’t been rosy for the two. In recent years the two have managed to hog the headlines for the wrong reasons.

One of their biggest lows was in late 2020. Emtee took to social media to reveal that he feared for his life. In the wake of these daring allegations he took a swipe at his wife. He accused his wife of physically and emotionally abusing him. His Twitter te thread read:

“I do not want anything now. She calls her very buff brother, uncles and even her mother to come and hit me. Her mother choked me and I saw the evil in her as she was holding me by the throat against the wall. I will die for things I do not know about because of this woman. I don’t know why she always tryna make me feel like I ain’t sh*t when I’m a goat of note. I’m currently tweeting from my big homie crib cos she took the keys to my spot and went to her parents’ naso,” part of his tweet read.

What left Mzansi puzzled was the fact that he later apologized to his wife after she rubbished the claims.

“I’d like to apologize to the mother of my children, my wife Nicole. I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me. I love you Mrs Ndevu,” he wrote.

The couple kissed up and make up. They have been serving us goals. No doubt their relationship seems to be growing stronger with each passing day.

Emtee’s Children

Besides being a successful artist and a devoted husband, Emtee is also a proud father of two sons- Avery (born 2015) and Logan (born 2018).

In recent years he has served father and son goals. It’s not a secret that his sons are his pride. He has often flooded his timelines with their priceless moments, leaving a lot to be desired.

Emtee and his two sons - Source: Instagram

Of interest he has named his first two albums after his sons.

His debut album Avery after his firstborn son, was released in December 2015, and his third studio album- Logan, after his second son- Logan, was released in 2021.


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