Get To Know Uzalo Actress Thobile In Real Life

Get To Know Uzalo Actress Thobile In Real Life

Nokuthula Mabika is a South African actress, dancer, and TV presenter. She is famous for her Uzalo drama series role, which put her on the media spotlight. She rose to fame in 2015 after securing the role after a long break from acting. Luckily for her, she got the highly admired position. She is passionate about acting, and it is something she dreamed of doing since her childhood. She is a fashionable woman, and she loves to step out in style.

She was born in New Germany, Durban, in 1988 (33 years). She lost her mother at 12 years. She was brought up by her father, together with other siblings from different mothers. She comes from a big extended family. Nokuthula Mabika siblings include eight brothers and sisters. They all love and cope with each other.

Growing up in an extended family has taught her to be different and open-minded, making her develop confidence in the acting industry. She loves life and can be seen displaying her assets, including her BMW car. She is a lover of fashion, as can be seen on her social media pages.

She attended the University of Zululand, where she did her degree in drama, music, and techniques in movement. She also has a degree in arts and culture. Mabika has played in several productions, including movies and drama series. She has learned a lot from her father, who raised her to be strong and fight life’s battles.

Her childhood dream was to become a musician, but she was advised to quit it by her father, quoting that the music industry was unstable. After making it in the acting industry, she is now ready to pursue her dream of making music

In October of 2019, Nokuthula was involved in a disastrous accident where she hit the car of a grade 11 pupil. She was driving her blue BMW with her friend, Nelisa Mchunu when it happened. She took the pupil to a clinic, and after medical advice from the nurses, she proceeded to take him to hospital for specialized care. Later, it was reported that she ran away from the responsibility of paying off the child’s medical fee. Nokuthula Mabika accident was widely reported in the media as reckless driving of the TV star.

She got the car of her dreams, a brand new blue BMW, in 2018. She admits she got it after her TV fans questioned why a TV star like herself did not have a car. She said that she got the vehicle owing to her hard work and achievement.

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