Glenda’s Secrets About To Be Exposed. See Who Kidnapped Her In SkeemSaam

Glenda’s Secrets About To Be Exposed. See Who Kidnapped Her In Skeem Saam

With so much drama that is going on on Skeem Saam, you would never want to miss an episode of it. I guess is true, Tbose has always felt and loved that he is better than Kwaito and Kat. He wanted it to be like that and life left him with surprises.

Do you think Mr. Kgomo is a good leader? He’s too emotionally involved in most cases. What Glenda is doing to Lizzy is really painful, all this for a guy who doesn’t even give a damn about her. Glenda, had the plan figured out that she needs to disappear so that Lizzy can be out of the picture and she can have her Zamo back?

Lizzy must speak for herself because on the day Glenda disappeared it was the same day that she went to the hospital and lied about the fight between her and Lizzy. This came after the shooting of Zamo. It was the same day that she went and for her in her flat and couldn’t find her.

We are happy that small punching from Lizzy’s mom to Zamo would be a lesson to him. In all the drama, he is the main culprit. Nothing better comes out of a love triangle, everyone wants to be the best, the man might love the other part more but the truth is: both ladies will quarel and it’s a matter of death n life, be careful ladies. Some lost their precious lives because of a man.

The principal is busy blackmailing Captain Malebana about Lizzy growing up in front of her. Lizzy is innocent she didn’t kidnap Glenda. there’s no need for all these talks. It was a wise move Principal, Ramashala will find Glenda in less than 10 minutes.

Leeto planning a divorce party is proof that he was trapped in love and trash. Retweet if you agree. Leeto might go back to his old life… Might even quit practicing

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