Gomora: Buhle Pregnant With Teddy’s Child

Gomora: Buhle Pregnant With Teddy’s Child

Buhle like her mother; Nthati (Katlego Danke) can’t handle love. She’s going to fall pregnant with the man she doesn’t completely desire like her mother because she can’t control her emotions. She just lost her father and hasn’t had time to grief him as she’s had to move to a new place, live with her gangster-grandmother and her cousins.

She’s been confused about which boy is right for her between Teddy and Ntokozo since the beginning. She helped Teddy gain confidence and become the class representative during the debate competition and led him on boldly. Teddy fell hard for her and believed that the feeling was joint until he saw her flirting and kissing Ntokozo.

Then she was caught naked with Ntokozo and their nudes spread like wildfire on social media, but still kept her virginity. She then became suicidal because of the nudes and her relationship with her mother worsened. Teddy and Ntokozo, fortunately, caught her on time and saved her before she actually ended her life.

The attempted suicide caused more tension for her and her boyfriend; Ntokozo. All of a sudden, she became closer to Teddy again and started making moves on him. Teddy shared because he’s trusting and has a weakness for her.

Their feelings will lead to them sleeping together and Buhle losing her virginity to Teddy. This relationship/affair will mean the end of Ntokozo and Teddy’s brotherhood. Buhle will regret sleeping with Teddy because she never gave herself time to get over Ntokozo. She still has feelings for Ntokozo and is using Teddy to get over him…Teddy is her rebound!

Only four people will be happy about this new relationship; Ntokozo’s parents (Glady’s and Melusi), Nthati (Buhle’s mother) and Zodwa (Teddy’s mother played by Sana Mchunu). We know that Nthati doesn’t want them together because she doesn’t want her daughter to date her brother’s half-brother (Ntokozo and Langa share a father; Melusi). Buhle will also be upset when she learns that the man that she’s really in love with; Ntokozo killed her father.

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