Good News For SASSA Beneficiaries This Coming December

Good News For SASSA Beneficiaries This Coming December

We all know that being a parent when unemployed can be too overwhelming for many parents. We are in a time where things get to be expensive and parents end up being depressed as they do not have jobs. Luckily South Africans get to earn social grants for their children. It gets simpler when you know you are getting help from the government as they pay each child R450.00 . That amount helps to get some clothes, food and other things that are needed.

It gets better for parents because they are able to use the money for important things that are needed. December is just around the corner and many parents are already stressed about how they will get the money to buy Christmas clothes for their children. To some people celebrating Christmas is a thing of the past but there are people who are still doing all the best they can to celebrate Christmas. Some parents go to the extent of buying new clothing for their children.

The stress is starting to kick in for many parents as they try to question how they will be able to buy clothes for their children this coming Christmas. Well, it is good to know that SASSA has rescued such parents. It turns out that you can get a voucher at Pep only if you have SASSA card and you will be able to buy clothes for your children.

The procedure for getting the voucher looks simpler than we thought. Apparently, you take your SASSA card and ID to pep store and open an account. Then later you will get a voucher before the end of November. This is indeed good news because parents will be able to put smiles on the faces of their children. Share your thoughts and follow for more news.

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