Mam Mlambo from Uzalo In Real Life, Age, Family, Career, Car And Her Role On Uzalo

Mam Mlambo from Uzalo In Real Life, Age, Family, Career, Car And Her Role On Uzalo

Many South Africa know her as Mam Mlambo from Uzalo. She’s maybe well-known because of her mother, a freedom fighter and noticeable politician in South Africa. The beautiful young lady, she’s passionate about acting and her love for God, family and the church, something that many people may not be aware of.


Gugu Gumede Age 

The biggest question would be when was Gugu Gumede born? This gives out her current age, which is something that most fans love to keep up with especially when it comes to their favorite celebrity. Gugu was born in 1992 which means that she is currently 28 years old. Her birthplace is Kwazulu Natal, and she was born to noticeable parents, her dad being the late Simon Hulumeni Gumede and her mama is the celebrated freedom fighter, Zanele kaMagwaza-Msibi.

Gugu Gumede family 

Gugu’s family as earlier mentioned was born to noticeable parents. She was raised in a single parent home with her mother. Her parents had a respectable relationship with each other. Gugu Gumede father passed on in 2017 in a car accident. At the time of his life, he served as a member of the KZN legislature and was a member of IFP. Gugu admits that she is her mother’s daughter. She can be very stubborn and could not take nonsense from anyone, just like her mother.

Gugu Gumede

Gugu Gumede Career

It was not easy to convince her mother of her acting, just as many parents struggle with such a decision. She yet had and always has the support of her mother the deputy minister Zanele Magwaza-Msibihow, who always wanted her to get into law. Gugu Gumede started by studying in Los acting and drama in American Academy of Dramatic Arts Angeles where she had planned to live all her life.

Upon coming back to South Africa in 2013, she landed a role in Generations where she starred as Mandisa. Though, she is best known for her role in the popular show Uzalo, which is the most watched telenovela in South Africa.

Gugu Gumede car

Gugu Gumede just bought herself a brand new BMW.


Gugu Gumede Role on Uzalo

Gugu Gumede acts as Mamlambo in the show. One may wonder what Mamlambo in English is. This refers to a South African deity according to the Zulu mythology, who is the goddess of rivers and is often described to look like a snake-like creature.


In the play, Gugu Gumede acts as the prejudiced, loud-mouthed, bold, gossip and the man stealing type while Gugu is extremely private and only gets comfortable in familiar spaces. The only thing that her character and real self-seem to share in common is the love for church and God. What surprises most people though is the fact that Gugu is totally different from the middle-aged woman she plays in the popular SABC 1 show.

Most of the viewer’s assumed she was in her mid-ages only to find out that she was actually young and in her 20s. For those that have been asking who is Mamlambo from Uzalo real name? Then you can rest easy knowing that Gugu plays her role very well. The difference between their two personalities makes it easy for her to move around in public without attracting unnecessary attention to herself, something she actually enjoys.


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