Here Is Why Hleziphi May Disappear From Uzalo Completely

Here Is Why Hleziphi May Disappear From Uzalo Completely

Talented and energetic actress Sibongiseni Shezi’s gutsy character of Hleziphi on SABC 1’s hit telenovela Uzalo may be in danger of disappearing from the show completely. Hleziphi is a close friend of Nonka as well as the lover of Nonka’s brother Njeza. However, her relationship with Njeza now seems to be on the rocks and is not going well ever since MaNgcobo entered the picture.

MaNgcobo who has her own issues has been stressed financially and this has forced her to zero in on Njeza as her caballero in shining shell. MaNgcobo now seems to believe that Njeza will help her to regain her wealth and status and is actively working on getting him to forget about Hleziphi. Njeza also seems persuaded to be with MaNgcobo as he thinks he will also secure a better future if he stays with her.

This situation is likely to leave Hleziphi out in the cold. She had been investment on her boyfriend Njeza helping her to make something of herself and her life. However, with the way events are taking place on Uzalo, Hleziphi may end disappearing from the show for good if she loses Njeza completely to MaNgcobo.

It’s also hard to see how Hleziphi will win the battle against MaNgcobo. If she loses the battle to the older MaNgcobo then it is highly likely that Hleziphi may end up without a meaning storyline, forcing the producers of Uzalo to cut her off from the show.

The only potential upside for Hleziphe is that a huge clash between MaNgcobo and Nkunzi is due soon. The two are set to go at each other until one wins riches and power.

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