How Tebello Will Exit Scandal

How Tebello Will Exit Scandal

I’ve been suspicious of Seipati from the moment I met her.  I don’t know if it’s her acting or her character that’s off for me. She’s always making the same facial expressions or the fact that she just seems cold, colder than Neo Mokgethi even.

I also think she’s selfish for taking Tebello away from the comfy life he had with Lerumo and Mokgethi. The boy goes to good schools, now has two mothers, a dad, and a grandfather. Why doesn’t she just move into the Newtonian so that she can see her son whenever she wants? Furthermore, why isn’t Lerumo making a move on her already so that they can be a family?

It’s not like YV is ever coming back to the show because she’s now on MNET’s The Legacy. Lerumo has been single for how long? How is she going to take care of herself and her son on a waiter’s salary? She’s selfish!

I’m not buying her stories about why she never returned for her son and why she left him in the first place.  Remember she had those unexplained bruises when she first appeared on the show? Who was she running from and who beat her up? Those questions are still unanswered.

I have a feeling, she’s going to leave Tebello again when things get difficult, once a runner always a runner. She certainly doesn’t want Lerumo and Mokgethi in Tebello’s life. She might initially change addresses so that they never see him again and never visit him. She’s going to change his school too so that they don’t have access to him.

She doesn’t like the fact that she has to share her son with strangers. She’s still going to reveal her true self. She’ll eventually remind them that she’s the only real-parent; biological parent and she can do whatever she wants with her son. She’s going to cut off Mokhethi and Lerumo from his life and that’s how Tebello will exit Scandal.


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