How to deal with a big punani, experts share ideas

How to deal with a big punani, experts share ideas

Ladies have many things that they care about in their lives, weight, hair, skin texture, and their punani.

Due to its nature, a punani is a very elastic organ that spreads according to the conditions it finds itself in. Its size changes as the body transform.

The punani is an elastic organ, according to the director of Well-Woman and Adolescent Care at The Institute for Gynecologic Care in the US, Christine O’Connor. She said: “It doesn’t stay one particular size and it changes to accommodate whatever is going on at that time.”

The vaginal length of women who have never got pregnant from a study of 100 women is from 1cm to 8cm.

The length increases to 10 and 12cm when they are aroused.

Once the women get pregnant or give birth, the length tends to double or triple and might remain that way as it may not naturally reduce its size.

The question is how do you deal with such a punani?

Experts say less than 20% of women reach their peak by a man’s 4-5 during tlof tflof only. The man has to use his skills, by using a hand or the tongue. It is not up to the woman but the man.

Also, different positions will enable the 4-5 to reach certain areas which can help a woman reach her peak.

There are other methods that can also be used to reduce its size. Some use natural herbs while others insert certain things such as smooth stones to help punani muscles to contract gradually.

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