“I Am Tired of Bleaching” Khanyi Mbau Open Up

“I Am Tired of Bleaching” Khanyi Mbau Open Up

Khanyi Mbau is a renowned South African actress, TV presenter and artist. She also happens to be Lasizwe’s sister. Khanyi Mbau is very well known for many things, however her skin bleaching process takes the cup. Khanyi Mbau began her skin bleaching process a few years ago, and she has not been shy about sharing her journey.

Many individuals thought that she wanted to be white and that she hated herself, but according to her, that is not the case. She has since began sharing tips on how and what products are good for skin lightening. She however has reached a point in her life where she has had enough of the bleaching process and is happy with what she has achieved.

She shared this information in one of her episodes of #theartofskinlightening. Where she said” I am tired of the products rotating the streets, and they have become dangerous”

She has been an activist of skin lightening but often times she Warns individuals to be careful and do proper research

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