“I have just been sitting in my bedroom. I can’t move “, Former Uzalo actress says

“I have just been sitting in my bedroom. I can’t move “, Former Uzalo actress says

A lot continues to happen during this difficult time in the entertainment industry. The industry has just lost one of the best filmmakers being Shona Ferguson who lost his life due to Covid-19 complications after being admitted for some time at Milpark hospital. While at that, another talented actress had to be on pause and stay in bed for months due to an accident that left her with an injury.

Dawn Thandeka King is one of Mzansi’s best celebrities who knew how to keep the viewers watching Uzalo even when they complained about certain storylines. She played the character of “Mangcobo” and was defeated by nothing and no one on the show. She succeeded in playing her character and kept viewers on televisions screens at all time to watch Uzalo.

Dawn Thandeka King had since disappeared on TV and was going through the most difficult period of her life. Mzansi’s actress had an accident while on set and got a knee injury that made it impossible for her to move and do any other thing including going to the bathroom or the toilet. Dawn Thandeka took to social media to share how the past months of her life have been.

Opening up about the past months through a video on Instagram, Dawn Thandeka King said “But it’s been a good four months in that, i have just been sitting in my bedroom. I can’t move. There was a time where even going to the bathroom was a mission, even taking a shower was a mission. I needed to be taken to the shower and the bathroom. That was the most tiring period. The most depressing period of my life.

She said that she had an accident on the 16th of April this year when she was doing something that she loves doing more than anything else in the world.

“So I decided I was going to keep it to myself, I was going to allow myself to heal because being immobile when you are the person I used to moving around and being hands-on is very frustrating”, Dawn Thandeka King added.

Dawn Thandeka King currently plays on Diep City that plays on DSTV. She joined the show after leaving Uzalo early this year. Dawn Thandeka King on Uzalo was the mother of criminals. She survived through crime and made sure that she never stops. On Diepcity, she plays the character of mother Thandiwe who has not accepted that her son is no more and blames her daughter for her son’s death.


Ex-Uzalo actress Dawn Thandeka (Mangcobo) speaks out after struggling to go to toilet & not moving for 3 months


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