Imbewu The Seed Teasers: Nkululeko Will Dumps His Fiancé Zethu For Fikile

Imbewu The Seed Teasers: Nkululeko Will Dumps His Fiancé Zethu For Fikile

It did not take time for it to happen. Only a blind person would have missed the obvious storyline in Imbewu The Seed which sees new Maluju Oil employee Fikile grabbing Nkululeko away from Zethu. The two have a chemistry that is real and everyone around them sees it.

In the coming weeks, a jealous Zethu tries everything in her power to stop the chemistry between her husband and Fikile. So desperate is Zethu that she even looks for Fikile’s violent ex-boyfriend and invites him to Maluju Oil to try and renew his love with Fikile.

Nkululeko and Fikile eventually fall into temptation while in the winch and spoil in a clammy lovemaking session. Nkululeko is however filled with guilt and sees him failing to make love to his wife, Zethu.

Phindile Gwala joined Maluju Oil as an IT specialist. Sources close to the shows daily running revealed that Nkululeko and Fikile’s relationship will lead to the break up between Nkululeko and Zethu. “Fikile will be the reason for the break-up between Zethu Khanyile and Nkululeko. The heat will start rising when Nkululeko falls in love with Fikile,” adds the source.

Imbewu The Seed Teasers for October also suggested that a secret that Fikile knows will make Nkululeko consider to step down as CEO. On joining Imbewu : The Seed. Phindile Gwala said it was a dream come true. “It’s a dream come true. I have always wanted to be a part of the cast. Imbweu is one of the greatest local soapies”.

In her first scene, Fikile stood up to say a few words without being called at Ngcolosi’s funeral which left everyone wondering how she knew Ngcolosi. “It’s a nice show to be in. My fans were delighted to see me back on TV. They made it clear that they missed me so much on local soapies, I got only good reactions and responses”

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