Is Alfios ‘Tebogo Modisane’ Set For Skeem Saam Exit After Celia Allegedly Killed Him?

Is Alfios ‘Tebogo Modisane’ Set For Skeem Saam Exit After Celia Allegedly Killed Him?

Is Alfios ‘Tebogo Modisane’ Set For Skeem Saam Exit After Celia Allegedly Killed Him?

Alfred has been at the crossroads with Alfios and wants him dead. Their visit to the hiking trail made his attempt to take Alfios life. After all, who knew if it was a mistake or what? Alfred pushed Alfios off the cliff and left him for dead. In a panic, he disappeared in thin air only to inform his wife Celia, who have the same motivation to take Alfios out.

Alfred attempts to take Alfios life whist at the hiking trails (Source Savannanews)

He tried to destroy the evidence linking him to the crime scene, but someone saw him with Alfios going to the hiking trail. The Turf police almost nabbed Alfred, but the loopholes in his arrest saw him threatening to sue the police.

We all saw Celia taking matters into her hands in the recent episode. She has been visiting Alfios in his hospital bed more often than anyone else. The cunning and ruthless power-hungry business mogul want to take Alfios all by herself. But we can all agree that the police won’t rest up until justice is served.

However, we all saw Celia trying to kill Alfios by suffocating him with a pillow in the latest episode. Mzansi took to social media to weigh into the current storyline.

However, what pains most is that  Alfios had regained his consciousness. Did he manage to survive or what? In the backdrop of the recent episode, Skeem Saam has been trending. Comments of condolences flooded social media, suggesting that Alfios might have died but did Celia make sure that Alfios took his last breath? After all, maybe an angel of justice might pop in to save the day.

In recent months the educational drama series has been hit by a mass exodus which saw lead actors from its starstudded cast dumping the show in the eleventh hour. In the backdrop of the last episode, the showrunners haven’t issued any statement regarding the axing of Alfios from the SABC drama series.

According to spoilers, Alfios won’t die and will wage war with Alfred and Celia when discharged from the hospital. He will remember everything, and the beast in him will be let off the leash. Let’s all wait and brace for drama capped with thrills.

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