Is Gomora Actress Zodwa ‘Sannah Mchunu’ Exiting The Show Through Arrest?

Is Gomora Actress Zodwa ‘Sannah Mchunu’ Exiting The Show Through Arrest?

No doubt Gomora is trending after the death of Don character played by Israel Zulu. We can all agree that the showrunners played us with their storyline; we didn’t expect an early exit of Don from the drama series. However, in the mix of things, the drama series seems to be full of drama as we connect who killed Don.

The last episode happens to be one of Gomora’s best episodes. We can all agree that Teddy and Ziodwa questioning scene will go down in the history books of soapies in Mzansi. We can all agree we have been sitting on the edge of our seats to see as the drama unfolds, and yes, Zodwa pulled the trigger and shot Don from point-blank. In the wake of Don’s death, Zodwa and the rest of the people were at the crime scene were taken in for questioning.

Of interest is the scene where she was asked if she killed Don? Instead of Zodwa responding contemplated into the interrogation to defend her mom. Teddy asked why the officer was interested in knowing. Teddy was then asked who he was, and his broken English came into play and left Mzansi in stitches.

“I’m her parent, she’s my parent, my mother, I’m the sons, and we are mother and sons.” Zodwa was then also asked if she was the one who killed Don; she muttered whilst butchering English. “Why are you asking it? Lets go to a spin doctor to check who killed Don.

Zodwa has been trending in the wake of the latest episode. Social media has been flooded with suggestions, sighting that she might be exiting the show through arrest. In recent showrunners have been killing characters through deaths and arrests.

The death of Don marked his exit Mzansi thinks Zodwa might also be exiting the show through arrest. Could this be true given the fact that she is the face of the drama series? She has been the lead actor in recent years and has managed to make the drama series one of Mzansi’s finest. In the recent awards, she has been winning big. However, she capped her illustrious career with honors at the Royal Soapie awards.

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