Isibaya Actress Linda Sebezo Realized That She Depends On Her Mother Pension For Food #LOCKDOWN

Isibaya Actress Linda Sebezo Realized That She Depends On Her Mother Pension For Food #LOCKDOWN

Expert actress Linda Sebezo has spoken her disappointment at the way the government is treating artists during these trying times. On 25 March minister of sports, arts and culture Nathi Mthethwa announced a R150 million relief fund for those who fall under his department to apply for financial assistance.

The actress known for her roles in Mzansi favorite TV shows such as Isibaya and Lockdown, said her application for a relief grant from the department was declined as she doesn’t qualify. She said this is unfair because as an outworker she only gets paid when she works. Since there’s a nationwide lockdown she can’t work and she’s making no money to care for her family.

“I’m so disappointed by the minister of Arts and Culture. Artists are some of the people that are hardest hit by this lockdown, we are told that we don’t qualify for the relief funding, where we are supposed to go, what are we supposed to eat. We are expected to provide for our families from empty pockets. We are taxpayers, contributing 25% to tax yet the government is still not able to assist us” she posted on Twitter.

The actress said things are so terrible that she’s had to turn to the kindness of others to get by during the lockdown. She pointed out that bills such as school fees still have to be paid.  “We still getting calls for school fees to be paid. I have to rely on my mother’s pension to put food on the table, such a sad reality” she wrote.

Linda said she feels let down by the government and finds this kind of treatment unfair.

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