Isibaya Actress Zinhle Mabena’s Husband Finally Open Up About Being Abused By This Actress

Isibaya Actress Zinhle Mabena’s Husband Finally Open Up About Being Abused By This Actress

Zinhle Mabena‘s soon-to-be ex-husband has broken his silence following the past two days’ drama surrounding the mother of his children. Robert Ngwenya has been in the spotlight after it was alleged that Zinhle got arrested under suspicions that she was out to kill him.

The businessman has decided to not directly address the arrest and the murder plotted against him but rather he exceled the light on his stony marriage with the Isibaya actress. His publicist released a statement on his behalf and it reveals some complicated details about their 5-year marriage.

In the statement, Ngwenya talks mainly about abuse and how he has suffered quite a bit of it surprisingly at the hands of his wife. He said that he has a restraining order against her and has reported her to the police as he could not stand being physically hurt by her. Now that they are going through a divorce, Ngwenya explains it as a very frightening process and it is draining him emotionally.

Read the full statement below as quoted by Daily Sun: “Consciously, I have taught my children, my family and even my wife that abuse in any form is wrong and it must never be tolerated irrespective of who dishes it. That behavior must be confronted immediately and everyone in the house must never be stopped from reporting such to authorities and law enforcement agencies. It is a principle I teach and live by. To lead by this example, when I, at some point in my own marriage felt abused by my own wife, not only did I seek a restraining order, but I even laid a complaint with the police because I couldn’t stand physical abuse”.

“It therefore, cannot come as a shock or something out of the ordinary if my child or my own wife lay such a complaint against me or any other member of the family. These are the teachings of my family. Let it be noted that divorce is a very draining and emotionally exhausting process for anyone to go through.“

Following her court appearance on 17 February where the prosecutor threw her case out due to lack of evidence, Zinhle released a statement where she states that her arrest was unlawful. “I act on behalf of Zinhle and confirm that she was unlawfully taken into custody yesterday but is now a free woman after the NPA declined to place the matter on the roll, because of the preposterous nature of the allegations against our client. We can also confirm that nothing plausible was provided to the authorities to link our client to any crime including but not limited to Murder or attempted murder or any conspiracy of sought,” Zinhle’s lawyer, Joshua Lazarus, said in a statement.

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